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Welcome to the LibWarrior™ website: a resource for Pro-Liberty culture warriors.


Over the recent half century a stealth new strain of Marxism has metastasized in Western Culture. In the culture war against that strain, this website focuses more specifically in the United States where, in vicious reaction to the very healthy reform policies in the first term of Donald Trump's Presidency, this new Marxist strain was forced to reveal itself more starkly than ever as gross government corruption at the Federal level. That corruption, predominantly driven by the Democrat political party and its crony-fascist party-line accomplices, has:

The encompassing, and still appropiate, term we'll use herein for this virulent resurgent political strain of Marxism is 'Socialism' though, as currently manifest, its essence might be more accurately characterized as a Crony Fascist variant of Socialism on a conveyor belt to Communism. Gaining its greatest momentum since the 1960s, that variant philosophically arose out of academic Postmodernist "Critical Theory" wherein traditional Marxist Economic Class Conflict was replaced with Identity Class Conflict. That stealth repackaging of the essential Hobbesian conflict template in Marxism is now being used to justify a future of brute force self-serving elitist Crony Fascism. Over recent decades this highly toxic ideological poison has been injected into major institutions now perpetrating malfeasance domestically in a perfect storm of duped ideologues and useful idiot tycoons, all exacerbated by the corrupting influence of Communist foreign enemy money flow. Seeking to exploit the situation, a spectrum of zealot-dupes includes: (1) sociopathically corrupt politicians deploying an orchestrated set of scam pretenses to line their pockets while increasing their power position in the bureacratic ratchet toward Socialism; (2) a mob of amoral charlatan "gravy-train" grifters; (3) paid-off hoards of corrupt major media (aka, "fakemedia") facilitators; and (4) Communist revolutionaries (eg, Antifa/BLM thugs) seeking to systematically tear down the institutions of American civil society in order to execute an insurrection of "fundamental transformation" toward a political Utopia which has invariably yielded a living hell on earth in the past.

Comprised of all of its variants as perpetrated in over a century of accumulated evidence, Socialism has been scientifically proven (in theory and practice) to be the single most toxic thing that the human race has ever encountered. The scientific body of evidence for that is bodies--over 100 million of them in the last 100 years. The resurgence of this highly toxic new political strain of Socialism in America has now captured the major corporate media, entertainment, academia, K-12 education, and the Democrat political party. With the rigged 2020 Presidential election this toxic political strain is now controlling the U.S. Federal government. Thus enabled, its perpetrators are frantically continuing their systematic corruption by deploying the traditional tools of Communist revolution which now prominantly feature the outright abuse of coercive Federal Agency power to suppress political opposition and to suppress free speech by crony-fascist proxy via the virtual monopolies of Fakenews and Fakesocial media corporations.

The facts above have forced genuine Proliberty folks into the prospect of fighting in a new kind of internet-amplified culture war that is now being aggressively conducted across the culture against Liberty via Big Tech corporate mono-message media and on the ground via high-level corruption perpetrated by political sociopaths. Let's call our counter war against this evil the LibWar which we must form-fit to specific battles in order to advance the unique cultural/institutional ways and means of Liberty. This website is a call to all decent folks who identify as Proliberty to become LibWarriors by joining our united front to fight--however modestly you are able--this entrenched enemy of Liberty by:

  1. Knowing the nature and historical context of the LibWar
  2. Knowing the nature of the enemy we face
  3. Knowing the nature of the enemy weapons deployed against us
  4. Knowing how to counter their weapons
  5. Knowing where the cultural/political battle lines are
  6. Knowing how to engage specific battles with a winning Proliberty battle plan
  7. Co-educating ourselves to gain the inner strength given by a new understanding of the philosopical foundations of Liberty

So the target audience here is political activists on the front lines of the LibWar fighting to defeat the common enemy we face in this resurgence of a thoroughly debunked anti-human, anti-liberty variant of Crony Fascist-vectored Socialism. For those confused by that term usage, Fascism has always been a variant of Socialism and so a forced choice between the two is a rigged choice that always delivers some toxic variant of oppressive Socialism. That fact is covered in the topics linked below (as is the analgous political rigged choice between "Left" and "Right").

Our united front of LibWarriors comprises a coalition of what we're calling Proliberty culture warriors who have joined forces to fight this LibWar. Thus we are independent thinkers, voters, and activists who all share one principled core allegience: Proliberty. The main focus is political/cultural action but what uniquely differentiates this LibWarrior approach is a philosophical foundation that defines a common ideological backbone. It is agreed in advance that, by its nature, our core allegience precludes serious ideological in-fighting in our ranks--it's the basis for our coalition. Our goal is to meet head-on and defeat the newest forces attacking Liberty in the culture and the institutions. For the deeper foundation of our coalition meaning of Proliberty in its proper context of Individualism see our LibWarrior Manifesto. I submit that manifesto as the core ideological basis for our coalition.

So we come to that core allegience from such different perspectives as found among Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and "red-pilled" formerly brainwashed "woke" liberals. Because of the Pro-Liberty stance that is so prominant here, we should give special focus to the significant overlap with the many proliberty aspects in Libertarianism. The LibWar is strategically Proliberty but, on the political battle fronts where Proliberty victory is most plausible, that victory is defined as a tactical defeat of each ratchet toward tyranny the enemy attempts. Victory is thus specific-battle driven and typically involves the Net-Proliberty assessment of Federal level policy and elections. As you can discern via the main Libertarianism link below, our Proliberty fight is principled yet practical especially when such a stance requires a departure from misguided currents within the Libertarian movement. For example, for the time being we see the LibWar as aligned most effectively with the populist momentum of the Trump-initiated Republican MAGA movement which has the most plausible in-office capability against the Democrats who pose by far the most powerful threat to Liberty because their party, with its leadership and explicit party-line policies, has been hijacked by an extremely toxic mix of wealthy elitist grifters, incompetent duped highly-toxic bureaucrats led by Communist/Fascist-vectored fanatics, and ideological Manchurian Candidates who were birthed in our cold-war Communist-infiltrated cultural institutions begining in the 60's/70's decades.

I launched this website as my unique way to engage in what I've come to call the LibWar. It's not what I ever intended to do in my retirement years. I had spent a career in the science and engineering of personal computing. Early in that modern wave of the industrial revolution I founded a high-tech startup company aimed at augmenting the human intellect with the personal computer. Those were thrilling but very demanding days as an entrepreneur balancing external product service/promotion with internal product design/engineering. Two subsequent decades in that very science-involved career kept political reality mostly below my noise level.

I've always voted with the selfimage of an Independent thinker which meant that I was too often on Libertarian autopilot. I did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election because I had, like so many folks busy in their decades-long careers, ingested the fakemedia propaganda which smeared Trump as a clown. Thus from a libertarian standpoint, I saw Trump as yet another conservative that would be long on proliberty promise, crippled in office by spineless compromise, and thus short on delivery. The sheer lunacy of reaction to Trump's victory (ie, "Trump Derangement Syndrome") jarred me out of auto pilot. The Trump team's net-proliberty policy deliverance shocked me. So my gradual transition into becoming a LibWarrior began in early 2017 when I launched a personal deep dive into the growing lunacy in American culture--especially as manifest in politics. As has now been the case for millions of undeclared LibWarriors, I went down the rabbit hole of political self-education and got radically "red-pilled". At that bottom of the pit--an emotional depth I suspect you've experiencd--I ended up in a deep state of shock at what I grew to see in the political/philosophical landscape. So over the course of my awakening I spent several years in rather deep research seeking a crystal clear understanding of what had happened to our nation and the disease that has so toxically infected our institutions.

I'll add some context here about what makes my approach to the Libwar unapologetically unique. My quest for crystal clarity led me into exposing and opposing malicious propaganda. Our enemies have relentlessly manipulated people's thinking--usually below the awareness of most victims--by hijacking words in Orwellian Newspeak fashion to serve a very toxic political agenda. Such hijacked words are weapons of semantic destruction that poison the entire culture. For me the counter attack in such linguistic warfare has been to tactically invent some words to help me more clearly conceptualize the semantic battlefield and to rescue concepts that have been eviscerated by our enemies. I submit these coined concepts to you as useful in the same service they've done for me: to circumvent the mind warping perpetrated by the villains in our current political situation. More on that in the topics linked below wherein I enjoin us LibWarriors to turn the weapons of our enemies back against them.

The website style here is cosmetically minimalist emphasizing uncluttered access to relevant content and resources for LibWarrior activists. I'm calling the documents on this website "linktopics" because they are so richly endowed with embedded links referring to other content selectively reused. Linktopics live in the Internet while riding referentially above it. Some links have associated images which precede them. Click either the image or the link to browse to their target web destination. In addition, because this LibWar approach involves new terminology, often when such terms are used herein they are color-designated "TermLinks"
Termlink: A term that is also a link which, when clicked, launches a pop-up window (like this one) containing the term's definition. In many cases the pop-up definition is a condensed version with a "More..." hyperlink that jumps your browser to a more in-depth explanation of the term. Clicking a More... hyperlink launches a new tab in the browser. Click a TermLink pop-up window to toggle it off.
which you can click to toggle on/off a pop-up containing the term's definition. So this website is a link-rich gateway to a very carefully crafted or selected body of knowledge, resources, and ideological weapons to use in fighting the LibWar. The "living" web documents on this website must evolve with the shifting battle lines of the LibWar and will thus undergo revisions as dated at the end of each document. Documents will be added to the website under "Topics" and "Reviews" as the website evolves to serve the LibWar.

So to jump into the Libwar as I see it, I recommend first gaining some recent historical context by doing a pass through "The Trump Test (2020 Archive)" topic linked below. For an even deeper ideological background (and as a step into Item 7 in the list above), take a look at the succinct "LibWarrior Manifesto" linked below wherein crucial high-level terms used in this approach to the LibWar are precisely derived and defined. Of course the most important of such precise definitions is that of 'Liberty' itself.